Good Morning,

Since we first met I have been in awe of you. Just like everyone who has the pleasure of meeting you. I too marveled at the MBA, JD, Mother, Wife, Working and selling out club venues around the region. So that means rehearsals, logistics, contracts, tickets, radio interviews, hair/makeup and fittings for beautiful gowns. Throw in some peace and calm for the cool in you…which has to be grounded in a spiritual belief in a supreme power. Mix it all up and you got one bad ass woman. The show was fantastic. You looked amazing. The ambiance of the room was perfect for your glow and grace on stage. Your makeup was flawless. The sequenced mic was just the right touch to bring the glamour to each of the songs you performed. Ms. Cole would have been proud of your interpretations of her music. When the band started belting out Annie Mae, my shoes started to swing, and the just for me shout out made it extra special. It was a great way to spend a Friday evening. However what really made the evening and you rise to the top of my super woman list happened on Saturday morning when I woke up and checked my phone. After all you had to do to make sure the show was unforgettable, there was an email from you at 1:03 am (THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT). My first thought was “that is one bad ass woman” (sophisticated lady). THANKS!!!!!